Selling Your Home? Don't Miss Your Window!

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Don’t do windows? Well, if you’re selling your home, this is a chore you can’t afford to skip.

That’s because windows are a very noticeable component of your home. Dirty windows not only look unsightly; they also hinder sunlight from shining into your home and brightening your rooms.

Here’s a guide on how to make your windows look their best.

Streak-free cleaning: Windows shouldn’t just be clean; they should be clear of streaks and lint, which paper towels can leave behind. The best options are microfiber and lint-free cloths. One old-fashioned method is to use newspaper, which doesn’t leave streaks, but wet newspapers can cause ink dripping onto frames, so pay attention as you clean.

Squeegees are a terrific tool for window cleaning, and they aren’t expensive. Models with a long handle are perfect for cleaning the outdoor part of windows, and windows that are higher up in your home.

Clean the screens: A sparkling pane of glass won’t hide a dusty screen. Remove screens from your windows and rinse them with water. Give the screen inspection and take this opportunity to repair rips and tears. If the screen is damaged enough, consider buying new screens.

Window dressings: This is also a good time to look at curtains, drapes, and blinds. Dust blinds with a damp cloth. Investing in new blinds doesn’t have to be expensive, and maybe a good idea because potential buyers will be turned off if they struggle to open or lift a blind. Dry cleaning your curtains will also enhance your overall window scene, but make sure no one visits the home when the curtains are down.

Picture perfect: There’s more to a window than the glass, so thoroughly clean all parts of the frame. Then look at parts of the window, such as the sill, stool, and apron, and make sure those are clean and free of dust. Some parts of the window may even need a quick paint job. And also make sure the locks work.

After all that, enjoy the view and know that potential buyers are seeing your home’s windows in the best light.